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5 Tips to Make Toothbrushing Fun for the Family

5 Ttps to make toothbrushing fun for the familyDo you need help to make brushing teeth fun for the whole family? If you have young children, chances are it’s always a struggle to get them to brush their teeth in the morning.

Unfortunately, you likely don’t have to time to spend 20 minutes trying to convince your children to brush their teeth in the morning and at night.

Here are five tips that you should consider to make brushing your teeth fun for the entire family!

1. Stickers As Rewards

Many children love stickers. Therefore, you can use stickers as a reward to get your children to brush their teeth. Use markers and a poster board to make a sticker chart. Each time a child brushes their teeth properly twice a day and for two minutes at a time, he or she will receive a sticker to put on the sticker chart.

If your children don’t know how to brush their teeth properly, you should show them by grabbing your toothpaste and toothbrush. Demonstrate the proper way to brush their teeth and give yourself a sticker. You can give your children a prize or an extra sticker each time they accumulate a certain amount of stickers.

2. Get the Whole Family Involved

Most people live very busy lives that revolve around school, work, and other responsibilities. Therefore, it can be very difficult for a family to find a good time to get together. However, everyone needs to brush their teeth twice a day. We also brush our teeth at around the same time every day. Therefore, it’s a good idea to get the whole family involved and make tooth brushing a family event.

3. Create a Song and Dance

One way you can make tooth brushing fun for the whole family is by creating a song and dance. Plug your iPhone or iPod into your speakers and play a soundtrack to make tooth brushing enjoyable for both you and your children. You can also work with your children to come up with a dance and song for tooth brushing.

4. Buy a New Toothbrush

Each child should get a new toothbrush every three to four months. Buying a new toothbrush can be a good way to get your children excited about brushing their teeth. There are toothbrushes with animals, action heroes, princesses, and more. Let your children pick out their favorite toothbrushes and tooth brushing may become an exciting event.

5. Make Tooth Brushing a Game

One way you can make tooth brushing fun is by making it a game. Get disclosing tablets, which are chewables that are pill-shaped. These chewables stain the plaque on the teeth blue or green. You can get these disclosing tablets and have your children chew them every night. That way, you can play a game of who can get the colorful blotches of plaque away the fastest. Consider giving a small prize like a sticker to the winner of the game.

Undoubtedly, there are many things you can do to make tooth brushing fun for the entire family, especially your younger children. As long as you follow the many tips discussed above, you should have no problem getting your children to look forward to brushing their teeth every morning and night. Contact us to make your child’s smile even brighter by scheduling an appointment today!

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